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 Sending of extracts of old directories

















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 Forgotten or lost address in Paris or in France

You are looking for an old addres  of friend





POSITIVE RESULT: 6 euros (Paypal possible)














  For recent addresses, If you want to look for adresses in France, you can  go to the website  ( for the recent adresses of the year 2016-2017) you have the choice between "pages blanches" for the private individuals or "pages jaunes" for the professionals.

You can also choise reverse directory "annuaire inversé".

I would suggest using the website

you can read on line the printed directories for all France; you need to choice the department

To look for addresses lost for several years, You need to use the old directories  

 The olds phone directories are an important  way  to find an address.
 In France The paper version are soon going to disappear, and only the current data will be visibles, and to my knowledge it is today difficult  to find olds  directories on-line.
Where to find  olds directories, in Paris or in province?
On the secondhand trades, the sites of announcements … Otherwise for the searches in province, we can address the departmental archives which often preserved the collection since the beginning (130 years of publication of the Phone book) the consultation is fast it happens however that several years are missing, besides the targeted year, it's better to ask to consult the close years because there is sometimes of youngs modifications.

 However, in the old phone books, , the first name is not totally mentioned but only the first letter; but  on the other hand, for big cities we sometimes find a classification  of names by street, what can turn out very useful.
For the searches  in other  places distant from the place of residence, if we cannot move, we can resort to the services  of the Historical library of the Posts(Post offices) and Telecommunications,( Librairie historique de la Poste et des Télecommunications,   rue  Pelleport, Paris 20th)  all the collection of the French Phone books is available for consultation by appointment as well as foreign directories paper version or microfilms.

To consult at a distance, we can send a demand(request) of consultation in writing to obtain (paying) photocopies.
It is also possible to come to consult on the spot in the BNF( Bibliothèque Nationale de France quai  François Mauriac Paris  13 ème)
Before 2000, directories are microfilmed, it is necessary to make a  request of Web booking before moving.
For the city of Paris, directories are also preserved  in the library(bookcase) of the city hall of Paris-de (Bibliothèque de l'Hôtel de ville  Paris,5 rue Lobau, Paris 4ème )  which possesses the series of the city of Paris since 1921 and since 1970 for the directories of the departments of the Small Crown.