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 The first name specific censuses on Paris were made only from 1926.












To  look for yours old friends, in France,  I advice you the website  we can find an alphabetical list of the members registred on the website,  It is possible to research by school re and there is also numerous photos of class the information is accessible without preliminary registration but it is necessary to register  to contact a member. 

You can also try the website  but it necessary to be registred and the acces to informations on the members is paying. 


If the searches do not succeed, he can be useful to make administrative procedures; (electoral lists, censuses of population).  


To find a person a search in electoral lists and in censuses of population are the one of the best means.


Electoral rolls are available for consultation directly by every voter, provided that he is even registered in another department; it is necessary to arm itself with its elector card.  In France, The men  are listed from 1848 and the women from 1946. It is enough to go  in the concerned city hall, there approach is free. For the research for the address of a person the olds  electoral rolls are of a big help when we determined the period of the place of residence, those this are kept  most of the time to the municipal archives for the rather important cities, or even to the city hall. 


When the date is oldest it is necessary to address departmental archives. On Paris: archives of Paris. Boulevard Serrurier, Paris 19th The contemporary lists are not digitized(scanned) nor available for consultation by internet it is necessary to go on site. Lists can be consulted on-line until 1932. The quinquennial censuses:  the first inventories of population were established in France from 1801, they are of a major importance for the search, because they give indications onto the age, the profession and the composition of the family.


They are available for consultation after a deadline of 30 years according to the year of the inventory, what gives them a major interest. The most recent (thus the most interesting) are not available for consultation remote they are often still preserved to the municipal archives .The research  by name is not possible, if we have no rather precise idea of the address; this remark especially applies to the cities of more than 5000 inhabitants.


Often, the classification of the censusis made by streets for the small municipalities, by district or " ilôt " for cities. The first name specific censuses on Paris were made only from 1926.


How to access  archives if you cannot come in France ?


 I advise you to use support services genealogical, there is very good Web site   Le Fil d'Ariane  (         To reach the proposed services, it is necessary to register;  you can find volunteers who propose their help The search is possible for whole France, overseas departments and for some foreign countries 

The domain of searches: 

The national archives, (Paris) archives in province, electoral rolls, censuses.